Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Who Needs Healing?

Who Needs Healing?

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world which has been decimated by the unleashing of tremendous forces of destruction. Imagine this world inhabited by wounded and traumatized survivors who face innumerable challenges, including the need to protect themselves from evil, mutated creatures actively seeking their annihilation. Visualize the landscape and atmosphere, heavy with unknowns and potential dangers.

The fall of man in the Garden at the beginning of time can be likened somewhat to this. What existed in unimaginable beauty, harmony and perfection was blown apart and scattered with such force that we are still, many thousands of years later, reeling from the effects. We live in a wasteland by comparison to what was originally given to us. The fall was something like a nuclear reaction which began as an internal chain of events. It resulted in a massive, life-shattering explosion. The damage did not stop after the initial blast but continued in the form of long-lasting fallout that weakens our inner being, our will and understanding, and affects all of creation. This was the first sin.

We are all born into this fallen world. We compound the difficulties already present, with our own personal sins, further fragmenting our lives. Because of this, everyone and everything needs healing. From the Pope down to the tiniest baby, from the mega galaxies to the most hidden crevices of creation, there is need for healing. All creation labors under the weight of a brokenness that was not a part of our origins in God. In the beginning, there was no need for healing.

Colossians 1: 16-17, reflecting the Prologue of St. John’s Gospel, explains creation as it was made by God:
“For in Christ were created all things in heaven and on earth, the visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominations, or principalities or powers, all things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things and in Him, all things hold together.”

In Christ, all things hold together. Apart from Christ, all things fall apart. Adam and Eve quickly and tragically discovered this when they decided to do their own thing rather than follow an order which God had established for them to live in. The brokenness found in our world today is nothing more than being separated from the One Who holds all things together in Himself.

There is nothing God wants more than our healing. In fact, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has said: “Healing is an essential dimension of the apostolic mission and of Christianity. When understood at a sufficiently deep level, this expresses the entire content of redemption.” -Jesus of Nazareth, pg 176

Jesus is the only One Who knows how to put the pieces of our lives back together as they are meant to be. And where He cannot use the broken pieces, He gives us new ones: new hearts, new minds, new lights, new visions, new courage, new hope, new strength, new or renewed relationships, and so much more. Our unhappiness always comes from not being able to live as we were created to live, in a communion of life and love with God, others, ourselves and all of creation.

What can be done? The answer is relatively simple. Draw near to Christ. More importantly, let Him draw near to you. He is like a magnet that begins to pull all the fragmented pieces of your life back together into a beautiful recreation and restoration of God’s first intentions for you.

Approach Christ in the sacraments, in the Mass, in His Word, in prayer, in adoration, in the love you share with others. Let Him encounter you. Take time out for retreats. Allow Him to pour His healing grace into your life. Trust Him. Don’t worry about distractions. Jesus will work. He needs only the smallest invitation. He will come with delight to attend you and shower your life with blessing. Let Him come in! You will not be sorry! In the end, even creation will rejoice with you.

Sr. Anne Marie Walsh, SOLT

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